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Gringos Mamasieta Burger Challenge with Legend Tours

June (2019)
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Legend Tours & Gringos Mamasieta Challenge Wed 10 July 2019 @ 13h30 Ding! Ding! Ding! (Bell rings!) Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the main event! On the left you have Muhammad Shabodien, weighing in at an impressive 120kg! Slim, trim, witty and pretty! ?? On the right you have Abdullah Achmat weighing in at 150kg! a mean, supreme eating machine! ?? This is the heavyweight championship of the World!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! Join us on Facebook live on 10 July at 13h30

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Turkish Delight Group Tour 2019

May (2019)
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Golden Hour 3 - Epic Egypt Tour

March (2019)
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Explore the immense history and vibrant culture of Egypt…marvel at the pyramids and hustle & bustle of the Khan El Khalili Bazaar…soak up the sun and enjoy the majestic waters of the Red Sea in luxury Hurghada and have a once in a life time experience diving with a Submarine! All this in the Company of your experienced Legend Tour’s Guide and with radio personality, Yusuf Fisher.

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Tour reports and client Interviews

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Incredible India New Years Special 10 Nights Group Departure

November (2018)
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Captivating 10 Night journey through Incredible India. Explore Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Mumbai in all it's grandeur and awe-inspiring sights and sounds. Engage in the array of fragrant scents and the tastes of all the delicious and authentic foods

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Golden Hour - Turkey Tour

March (2017)
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Malaysia & Dubai Group Tour

November (2016)
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SAT "Know Your Own Country" Shot'Left National School Project

February (2016)
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The objective of this project is to afford children from disadvantaged communities an opportunity to feel like a tourist in their own country. The experience gained by the touring and hosting tours will not only have educational value which is considered to be an important feature in the school’s wider extra-curricular programme but also by offering the cultural tours it will enrich the curricular programme. This exciting experience will be offered to 45 children and 2 teachers from 10 schools

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Legend Tours Ramadaan Expo

April (2015)
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Legend Tours Competition Winners

April (2014)
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